Yoga at Breathing Space is intended for every body.  Our Studio offers a positive. welcoming, and affirming space to explore the benefits of yoga for body and mind. We believe that what we discover and practice on the mat can translate into the world, in support of peace, justice, and anti-bias/antiracist work. As a nonprofit yoga studio, our mission is to provide free trauma-informed yoga classes for those in prison and addiction recovery centers in Western Mass. 

The practice of yoga nurtures the qualities of peace, strength, resiliency, and balance in our lives. While we focus on the physical practice of yoga, we are grounded in the 8-Limb path of yoga, which includes yogic values (restraints and observances), breath, poses, meditation, and compassionate awareness, rather than purely physical fitness. We invite participants to look within, find their own yogic truths, and then take them off the mat. Through the balancing effect of yoga on the nervous system, the consistent practice of yoga can lead to a peaceful and positive approach to life. 

Breathing Space is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation.