Dori DigentiDori Digenti E-RYT-200* is founder and owner of the nonprofit Breathing Space Yoga Studio, located in Easthampton, Massachusetts. Dori is a certified yoga and meditation teacher and writer. Dori’s approach to teaching yoga and mindfulness meditation are based on the study and practice of Buddhist and Gaian philosophies. Blending body awareness with creative sequencing, Dori intends her classes to be accessible, free-flowing, and inclusive for all bodies and levels of practice. Dori teaches weekly yoga classes at Breathing Space. She has also been offering yoga at Outpatient and Inpatient, Detox, Stabilization, Transitional, and Rehab centers; Community Recovery centers; and to incarcerated individuals in Western Massachusetts since 2016. Dori has an MS in Organization Development from American University, and a BA from Cornell University. She spent 25 years in higher education as a professor and faculty development director. Statement concerning my past affiliation with Shambhala International