Dori Digenti (ERYT-200, CMT-P, MSOD) is founder and owner of the nonprofit Breathing Space Yoga & Mindfulness Studio, located in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Dori is a certified yoga and mindfulness teacher, recovery coach, writer, and community college instructor.

Johanna has loved yoga since her first class at the age of 16 many many years ago. Since getting trained as a teacher five years ago she has enjoyed sharing this love with her students and colleagues in the Belchertown Public Schools. She also loves her wife, three kids, four cats and now her stand-up paddleboard. She is excited to join the work of Breathing Space and making the gift of yoga more accessible to all.

Laura grew up in Holyoke, and now lives in Chicopee. She practices mindfulness and yoga at Breathing Space to develop flexibility, strength, balance, appreciation and peace. Laura is a natural weaver of community who loves photography, writing, singing, activism and the ocean. She attended HCC and Westfield State for psychology and communications.

Lorrie’s approach is captured in the following: “Yoga has been an important teacher in my life, it has taught me how to find confidence and gratitude in the strength of my body and breath. Yoga has also taught me how to find peace and balance, especially when faced with challenges in my career as a second grade teacher. It continues to teach me to honor my needs and value my own voice. After several years of exploring this practice for myself, I felt drawn to share it with others. In the summer 2019, I became a certified yoga teacher and wellness champion. My intentions as a yoga instructor are the same as those for my second grade classroom, to make learning and practice engaging, accessible, and inclusive for every student.”

Angelica was drawn to the beauty of yoga in her early teenage years. However, it wasn’t until college while struggling with grief and a history of trauma that she learned the healing power of yoga. After a decade of committed practice, Angelica decided to pursue yoga teacher training in order to assist others in finding tools to heal themselves. She is a recent graduate of Yoga Sanctuary’s 200-hour yoga teacher training program. She has also completed a Mindful Resilience Yoga teacher training with the Veteran’s Yoga Project and will continue her education with several more trauma informed training programs by the summer of 2020. Angelica uses movement and alignment cues in her classes to help her students feel a sense of agency and empowerment.

Yolanda Ramos, LICSW, a yoga practitioner for over a decade, uses yoga to heal childhood and societal wounds in self and others—brought about by racism, sexism and other forms of oppression. Her yoga practice is a spiritual tool that brings increase love, light, compassion, forgiveness and peace. Having been introduced to yoga by amazing women of color, she is passionate about bringing yoga’s benefits to communities of color and to those who may not know about the healing benefits of yoga. Yolanda partnered with Breathing Space to bring yoga to those in early recovery. She is committed to expanding those opportunities; thus, she is working to become a yoga teacher. She augments her yoga practice with meditation and mindful eating. In addition to yoga, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, walking in nature, dancing and traveling. Yolanda has a MA in Social Work from Smith College School of Social Work and a BA from Vassar College. She is a licensed independent clinical social worker working with people in recovery in Holyoke, MA.

Michael Stephens is a Senior mindfulness meditation teacher and has taught meditation to hundreds of people. He also plays the dobro and other instruments at the Iron Horse, the Parlor Room, and with local acoustic jam groups. Michael is an ombudsperson at a local College.