It’s Springtime now, and New England is coming into flower and fruit, coming alive. And it is a beautiful time that can sometimes require some transitional energy. Transitions, as anyone who has spent time with a toddler knows, can be tough. With our modern way of living, there is little time for transitions.. we are too “busy” to experience the natural gap between activities, seemingly.

One rubric of yoga practice from the Kripalu tradition is “ESRIT” – which stands for entry, sustain, release, integrate, and transition. A yoga pose, taught or done following ESRIT, has built in a natural transition to the next pose — a time to both let go, and move forward.

Whenever we need to tune into the transitions that are occurring, we have the perfect tool for doing so – our own breath. With awareness, we can tune in at any time to make the breath a conscious part of transition. Whether it’s giving a large sigh of “ahhhhh,” or a pranayama practice that energizes or calms, the breath can help to release and move into the next experience. The benefits of acknowledging transitions, and of tapping into the power of the breath to take us through, are built in to this beautiful instrument of the body.