Whole30 – It’s Still a Diet

It’s January, and so the diets just keep on coming. Some of them look like they are about mindful eating, but they’re not. Now it’s Whole30 (whole30.com). This is a modified version of Atkins (remember that?), South Beach, “clean eating,” etc. etc. – it has carbs (not grains), sweets (some fruit, but no white sugar) […]

Mindful Eating for Thanksgiving: Day 7 of 7

It’s actually Thanksgiving Day evening now, and so however you could incorporate mindful eating into the day has happened. Perhaps you’re pretty happy with the balance you were able to maintain when faced with the combination of social time, special foods, and a focus on eating. Or perhaps you didn’t. Here’s where the RAIN approach […]

Mindful Eating for Thanksgiving: Day 6 of 7

What happens when we meet ourselves right at the point of a mindful eating decision? One image of the mindful approach is to imagine that we are taking our relationship to food off autopilot. It’s pretty typical to eat without fully noticing what we are doing in the moment. Even if we start out with […]

Mindful Eating for Thanksgiving: Day 5 of 7

the brain

Mindful eating invites us to combine inner wisdom – for example, feelings in the body and the senses, with outer wisdom – for example, the energy- and nutrient-density of foods. Yesterday’s post on mindful moments spoke to cultivating and beginning to trust our inner wisdom – the sensory experience of eating, the physical feelings in […]

Mindful Eating for Thanksgiving: Day 4 of 7

The foundations of mindful eating is mindfulness practice. Despite the spread of mindfulness approaches and trainings all around us, there’s still no question that establishing a regular mindfulness practice for most of us is, well, mostly not happening. Finding that 10 or 15 or 30 minutes per day to sit in stillness in a quiet […]

Mindful Eating For Thanksgiving: Day 3 of 7

tree branches

Let’s talk about food rules. This topic easily joins up with restricting and with bargaining. It’s pretty common to have your personal food rules. “I don’t eat [food categories: carbs, bread, pasta, sugar, etc.]” “I’ll have a cookie now, and then I’ll only eat salad for dinner” “I’ll skip breakfast so that I can eat […]

Let’s Get Real About Diets

“Diets That Work!” — the cover of US Weekly informs us. You can “shed weight fast” “WITHOUT STARVING,” the magazine promises. It’s amazing that, in 2019, dieting is still being promoted as a way to find body acceptance and true health. And yet, when we look at a celebrity who is “slim,” “cut,” and “toned,” […]

Yoga as Addiction Recovery Pathway

rose growing in concrete

Yoga as addiction recovery pathway for persons seeking recovery is gaining credence and acceptance. In the recovery coaching world, the best practice model we employ is “Multiple Pathways of Recovery.” What does that mean? Multiple pathways honors each individual’s determination of their way forward – leaving addictive behaviors behind – to a full and healthy […]

Mindful Eating

“I really enjoyed the class. I never thought I was a stress eater, but after going through the class and learning to pay attention to what and when I eat, I feel differently. I like the approach to addressing body image. It’s one of things I love about the studio. That all folks are welcome […]

Mindful Eating: Finding the Balance

A further share of the daily journal I kept for the 28-Day Eat Right Now Mindful Eating program: “Day 15: Super busy day – really too much. I had committed to a fourth yoga class months ago, but at that time it was only a third yoga class. So – note to self – when you […]