Angelica Lopez Joins Breathing Space Recovery Yoga Team

Angelica Lopez

ANGELICA LOPEZ JOINS BREATHING SPACE TEAM TO OFFER RECOVERY YOGA HOLYOKE, MA (JULY 6, 2020) – Breathing Space Yoga & Mindfulness Studio is pleased to announce that Angelica Lopez has joined our team of yoga teachers, and is offering free weekly trauma-informed recovery yoga classes at Hampden County recovery houses and centers. Angelica is a […]

The Sacred Art of Rest

With embodied mindfulness practices like yoga, meditation, Taichi, Chigong, and some Zen arts, too much explanation can get in the way of the direct experience. At the same time, it sometimes helps to have a framework for what you are engaging in to make sense of the experience.  Yoga Nidra (we call this “Yogic Rest” […]

What is a human being? Part I

What is a human being? There are probably as many answers to this question as there are beings on the planet (7.5 billion). Let’s explore. One definition of a human is purely biological: we are homo sapiens sapiens, an advanced two-legged, upright, head-heavy primate. We breathe, we think, we feel, we reproduce as offspring who […]

The practice of de-centering

What is this practice of “de-centering,” and how does it relate to yoga, meditation, and living your life fully? From the Buddhist perspective, as you meditate, you might have an experience of yourself that is less rigid, less tied to your story, your likes and dislikes, your constant seeking of comfort. De-centering takes the form […]