What is a Human Being? Part 2

Once we have considered the scientific, spiritual, and social identity perspectives of defining what a human being is, we move a bit deeper into inquiry about power and economics. This poster was part of a clothesline exhibit at a community forum on incarceration recently: The simple words speak volumes about how we value human beings. […]

The practice of de-centering

What is this practice of “de-centering,” and how does it relate to yoga, meditation, and living your life fully? From the Buddhist perspective, as you meditate, you might have an experience of yourself that is less rigid, less tied to your story, your likes and dislikes, your constant seeking of comfort. De-centering takes the form […]

Liberation 1

One of the key tenets of the Liberation movement is that injustice and oppression damage everyone: oppressor, oppressed, and those who witness. Further, a healthy society must heal from within across all differences and levels for lasting change to occur. In the case of Walter Scott, this truth is self-evident. After three attempts, the officer […]

Macy’s Three Dimensions of The Great Turning

This is the first post in the area of “Recovery, Liberation & Social Transformation.” Inspired by the Off the Mat, Into the World training in October 2016, many streams have begun to flow together informing purpose, intention and action. Yoga, as unity, invites us to consider the collaborations, common ground, and inseparability of our life, […]

Groundlessness and “us-and-themanating”

We are in a period of shifting ground in almost every area of life imaginable. Social forms, politics, communications, technology, work, personal relationships, education, the list is long and nothing seems fixed. In Shambhala buddhist teaching, we sometimes term this feeling, and it is both an external shift and an internal feeling, groundlessness. Our response […]