The Sacred Art of Rest

With embodied mindfulness practices like yoga, meditation, Taichi, Chigong, and some Zen arts, too much explanation can get in the way of the direct experience. At the same time, it sometimes helps to have a framework for what you are engaging in to make sense of the experience.  Yoga Nidra (we call this “Yogic Rest” […]

Let’s Get Real About Diets

“Diets That Work!” — the cover of US Weekly informs us. You can “shed weight fast” “WITHOUT STARVING,” the magazine promises. It’s amazing that, in 2019, dieting is still being promoted as a way to find body acceptance and true health. And yet, when we look at a celebrity who is “slim,” “cut,” and “toned,” […]

Is Yoga “Woo-woo”?

tree branches

At a recent festival I attended, representing Breathing Space, I met many interesting and fun people. One of them was a person who told me, in no uncertain terms, that after practicing yoga for 30 years — that there is no point in any “woo-woo” discussion of yoga, and really it’s “just stretching, no matter […]

Resting the Senses

In the eight limbs of Yoga, there is the stage of Pratiyahara – often translated as “withdrawal of the senses.” Having practiced yoga poses and worked with the breath, we move to further stages of meditation, of which Pratiyahara is one. We could also think of “resting the senses” in extending this practice to daily […]

Many-Layered Mind

In yoga class yesterday, our reflection focused on the various minds we encounter on and off the mat (those are the same minds we meet on the meditation cushion as well). The image that arose to me, a variation of the Koshas approach, was that of the thinking mind, the emotional mind, and the child […]

Classes in September: Cultivating the Moment of Stillness

The practice of yoga asana (poses), one of the eight limbs of Pantanjali’s yoga and the focus of yoga practice in the West, is often thought of as moving meditation. For many (including myself), the practice of moving meditation plays a central role in our contemplative practice. Flowing through poses, we feel connected and alive. […]

The Beauty of Presence I

This month (August 2016)  in my yoga classes, we will explore presence. The origins of the word presence can be traced to “praesentia animi” in Latin. That phrase implies presence of mind, which expresses as readiness, resolution, and courage. Let’s go further. The first expression of presence is through your posture, how you carry yourself, […]