Resting the Senses

In the eight limbs of Yoga, there is the stage of Pratiyahara – often translated as “withdrawal of the senses.” Having practiced yoga poses and worked with the breath, we move to further stages of meditation, of which Pratiyahara is one. We could also think of “resting the senses” in extending this practice to daily […]

Awakening to the inner body

Prana, chi, lungta, subtle energies — there are many names and descriptions for that which is awakened and moves in our bodies in the practice of yoga. No matter what we call the energetic shift that occurs during asana practice, many remark on feeling calm, relaxed, alert, aware, and revitalized because of practice. When yoga […]

Yoga Entrainment

“Entrainment” is a term being used in many contexts recently. The simplest example of entrainment is the connection of an auditory rhythm (think: music with a catchy beat) with body movement (dance). The experience is noticing that your foot is tapping, or your hands clapping to the beat, without being conscious that you chose to […]

Breath as Transition

It’s Springtime now, and New England is coming into flower and fruit, coming alive. And it is a beautiful time that can sometimes require some transitional energy. Transitions, as anyone who has spent time with a toddler knows, can be tough. With our modern way of living, there is little time for transitions.. we are […]