It’s finally here…the end of 2020

It’s finally here… the end of 2020!! We are so ready to let loose (safely) in celebration of the possibilities of a better year ahead. In Japanese culture, the number 8  () is considered very auspicious. The shape and pronunciation of the character indicates a gradual opening, broadening out to prosperity and good fortune. This shape is […]

Is Yoga a “White Exercise Class”?

white people doing yoga

Image: From the exhibition #whitepeopledoingyoga Artist Chiraag Bhakta Glancing into a typical US yoga studio window, you would think Yoga equals a “white exercise class,” as Skill in Action author Michelle C Johnson has termed it. Now is the moment, more than ever, that yoga is called to take the opportunity to interrogate, and further […]

Angelica Lopez Joins Breathing Space Recovery Yoga Team

Angelica Lopez

ANGELICA LOPEZ JOINS BREATHING SPACE TEAM TO OFFER RECOVERY YOGA HOLYOKE, MA (JULY 6, 2020) – Breathing Space Yoga & Mindfulness Studio is pleased to announce that Angelica Lopez has joined our team of yoga teachers, and is offering free weekly trauma-informed recovery yoga classes at Hampden County recovery houses and centers. Angelica is a […]

Update – April 27

goodness abounds

We are now in Week 7 following the shutdown of our Studio on March 13. We’ve been busy! Our great teachers – Lorrie, Johanna & Angelica – are offering livestream yoga classes. See the schedule here Dori is offering Rise Up Rooted Vinyasa Flow for experienced lovers of flow on  Wednesdays at 11am (and Gentle […]

Yoga and…[beer, wine, etc.] and Non-harming

yoga class

Why doesn’t Breathing Space do yoga and beer, wine, etc. classes?    Yoga is a practice of connection. Yoga brings us back in touch with, first, our bodies. Tommy Rosen of Recovery 2.0, referring to a yoga class, shares “Wherever the teacher directs my attention, I learn to connect with that area of my body. […]

How Does Yoga Support Addiction Recovery?

butterfly on flower

Yoga is an ancient system of physical and mental techniques that link and integrate the mind, body, and breath. Yoga evolved as a set of practices in South India, and from there has spread worldwide.  Yoga is modern times is a living, evolving tradition – a way of life not associated with any particular religion […]

Stress Release with an Eye Pillow

Yes, a simple eye pillow can help with stress release, and provide other health benefits, according to Dr. Bo Forbes! “Light pressure on the eyeballs lowers heart rate …by eliciting what’s called the oculocardiac reflex. It also stimulates the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve  … regulates heart rate and digestion, and it’s the primary medium through […]

Your own “Green New Deal”

Recycled clothing means less textile waste, fewer resources used, and more $$ savings for you to spend elsewhere, or save. Come visit our Store online, and then pick up your items in the Studio. 100% of proceeds to the Seed to Flower Fund for Yoga Service.  

What’s Really Hot in Yoga

What’s really hot in yoga? Think used, recycled, upcycled, pre-owned, new-to-you – it’s not just for cars anymore!  People are paying premium prices on online services like Poshmark and ThredUp for labels like Athleta, GAPFit, Lululemon, and others. Sometimes, eye-popping prices (esp. for “New With Tags”)! Like, really, and are they?? When you can get […]

Fall Fundraiser/Pop-Up Clothing Bazaar

The Fall Fundraiser at Breathing Space is coming up Saturday, October 5th, and the focal point will be a PopUp Clothing Bazaar. We have been taking Studio members’ and community donations for the past month, and are selecting out “curating” the best pieces to offer to the Community on October 5th at the STEAM Building. […]