Leveraging Benefit – Donations from Live Music Yoga & Match

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Small but mighty benefit from our Live Music Yoga fundraiser, held on Friday, September 22: $100 raised at the event to the Yoga & Body Image Coalition – read about their work here. $100 match by Breathing Space to support the Western Mass United for Puerto Rico fund – read about that effort here. Many […]

What is high-vibe?

What is high-vibe? My spouse and I were in the Berkshires for a quick getaway recently. We went with an open plan, and just followed our interests in the moment (a flat tire on July 4th curtailed the biking plan – oh well). What became abundantly clear is that after 9:00pm, and especially if your […]

Mindfulness of Tone

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Dr0HpUedlM?rel=0 I am transported by the sound of this gong. To me, when struck it resonates with a higher, faster tone and a lower, deeper tone. Eventually, the higher tone fades into the lower tone, and the sustain is very long and sweet. A youtube does not do that process justice, but I encourage you […]

Yoga Entrainment

“Entrainment” is a term being used in many contexts recently. The simplest example of entrainment is the connection of an auditory rhythm (think: music with a catchy beat) with body movement (dance). The experience is noticing that your foot is tapping, or your hands clapping to the beat, without being conscious that you chose to […]