Angelica Lopez Joins Breathing Space Recovery Yoga Team

Angelica Lopez

ANGELICA LOPEZ JOINS BREATHING SPACE TEAM TO OFFER RECOVERY YOGA HOLYOKE, MA (JULY 6, 2020) – Breathing Space Yoga & Mindfulness Studio is pleased to announce that Angelica Lopez has joined our team of yoga teachers, and is offering free weekly trauma-informed recovery yoga classes at Hampden County recovery houses and centers. Angelica is a […]

Yoga and…[beer, wine, etc.] and Non-harming

yoga class

Why doesn’t Breathing Space do yoga and beer, wine, etc. classes?    Yoga is a practice of connection. Yoga brings us back in touch with, first, our bodies. Tommy Rosen of Recovery 2.0, referring to a yoga class, shares “Wherever the teacher directs my attention, I learn to connect with that area of my body. […]

Announcing: Seed to Flower Fund for Yoga Service

  Contact: Dori Digenti, Breathing Space Yoga & Mindfulness Studio, Holyoke, MA 413.437.0747 NEW FUND CREATED TO SUPPORT YOGA IN PRISONS AND ADDICTION RECOVERY CENTERS IN WESTERN MASSACHUSETTS HOLYOKE, MA (JUNE 12, 2019) – Breathing Space Yoga & Mindfulness Studio is pleased to announce the creation of the SEED TO FLOWER FUND FOR YOGA […]

Devotion, Enabling, and How We Try to Relate to Substance Addiction

In a breath-taking document (*potential triggers*) detailing the experience of six attendants who spent, in some cases years, in personal service to Mipham J. Mukpo – son of Chogyam Trungpa, disgraced head of Shambhala, and my former teacher –  there is much to learn about how we might unwittingly witness and bystand harmful behaviors and […]

The Seeds of Addiction Recovery

the soloist poster

Recently, I watched the movie “The Soloist,” and contemplated the relationship of the story to the seeds of addiction recovery (addiction recovery through yoga and mindfulness underlies the mission of Breathing Space). This may be one of the movies that, like me, you missed. Starring Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr., this is a story […]

Yoga as Addiction Recovery Pathway

rose growing in concrete

Yoga as addiction recovery pathway for persons seeking recovery is gaining credence and acceptance. In the recovery coaching world, the best practice model we employ is “Multiple Pathways of Recovery.” What does that mean? Multiple pathways honors each individual’s determination of their way forward – leaving addictive behaviors behind – to a full and healthy […]

I didn’t like “A Star Is Born”

A star is born still

What? The current remake of A Star Is Born? With Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, known to be supporters of progressive causes? The movie whose songs and director are soliciting Oscar rumors? The movie that has grossed $169M so far? The movie that everyone loves, and finds that both Bradley and Gaga have soulful singing […]

Many Addictions Are Hidden, Eating Disorders Edition

plate of food

The fact that many, many addictions are hidden  including eating disorders – is not a surprise to anyone. For some, even characterizing a habit or propensity as an “addiction” feels shaming and limiting. And yet, people do suffer in silence, and struggle in silence. And, living life fully is hampered by these conditions. So, that’s a […]

The Power of Quiet in Addiction Recovery


It comes as no surprise that our society values extroverts — those who are comfortable in conversation, dare I say performance; ease social situations; are humorous; and keep things flowing. However, a third or more of us (USA) are introverts. I wonder if that percentage is even higher among those with addiction issues? No studies […]

The Addicted Brain and Recovery Yoga

the brain

Friends, put on your thinking caps to explore the addicted brain and the role of Recovery Yoga. The following abstract represents in a nutshell the cycle of addiction in the addicted brain, in scientific language [emphasis in bold is mine]: “Based on brain imaging findings, we present a model according to which addiction emerges as […]