Rise Up Rooted: Chapter 2 The Three Waves of Addiction Recovery

Chapter 2: The Three Waves of Addiction Recovery © Dori Digenti. 2021. All rights reserved. We now shift from exploring personal and collective trauma as a root cause of addiction, to how we deal with addiction itself. How has our understanding of addiction, treatment, and recovery from addiction evolved? This is a very complex story. […]

Rise Up Rooted: Chapter 1 Addiction and Trauma

Chapter 1: Addiction and Trauma © Dori Digenti. 2021. All rights reserved. “Not all traumatized people become addicted, but all addicted people, including those addicted to opioids, were traumatized in some way. That is the reality of our culture, where addiction, like trauma, is so commonplace that most people also don’t recognize its presence.” – […]

Rise Up Rooted: Introduction

Rise Up Rooted: Introduction © 2021. Dori Digenti. All rights reserved. How did we arrive at the current understandings and approaches to addiction and recovery? What has been the journey over the past 70 years that has led us to begin to connect the dots between individual, community, and planetary healing? Like any journey, before […]

Rise Up Rooted: Preface

Rise Up Rooted: Trauma, Yoga, and the Fourth Wave of Addiction Recovery By Dori Digenti ©2021 All rights reserved Preface Yoga could save your life if you are dealing with addictive behaviors that have hijacked your well-being and are putting your life at risk.  Right now, yoga is being offered in prisons, rehab centers, and […]

It’s finally here…the end of 2020

It’s finally here… the end of 2020!! We are so ready to let loose (safely) in celebration of the possibilities of a better year ahead. In Japanese culture, the number 8  () is considered very auspicious. The shape and pronunciation of the character indicates a gradual opening, broadening out to prosperity and good fortune. This shape is […]

Stress and the Upside Down Fall

upside down city

It’s a mid-October rainy day here in New England, which by contrast brings out the rich fall colors that are now reaching their peak. Just like a normal Fall! Except nothing’s normal this Fall, it’s all upside down. When we are all used to moving together for the cold months, we’re facing a period of […]

Yoga and the Default Mode Network

the brain

The practice of yoga can give us insight into our reliance on our brain’s Default Mode Network, and what that means for our well-being. What is the Default Mode Network (DMN)? Scientists like Judson Brewer and colleagues see the DMN as a pattern of certain areas of the brain being active when we are awake […]

Is Yoga a “White Exercise Class”?

white people doing yoga

Image: From the exhibition #whitepeopledoingyoga Artist Chiraag Bhakta Glancing into a typical US yoga studio window, you would think Yoga equals a “white exercise class,” as Skill in Action author Michelle C Johnson has termed it. Now is the moment, more than ever, that yoga is called to take the opportunity to interrogate, and further […]

Angelica Lopez Joins Breathing Space Recovery Yoga Team

Angelica Lopez

ANGELICA LOPEZ JOINS BREATHING SPACE TEAM TO OFFER RECOVERY YOGA HOLYOKE, MA (JULY 6, 2020) – Breathing Space Yoga & Mindfulness Studio is pleased to announce that Angelica Lopez has joined our team of yoga teachers, and is offering free weekly trauma-informed recovery yoga classes at Hampden County recovery houses and centers. Angelica is a […]