Classes are great, but sometimes one-on-one just works better!

I’m here to meet with you at our beautiful Breathing Space studio, to explore all the areas of practice that we offer.

Coaching sessions are completely customizable to your needs. See below to understand how I can support your practice and well-being, and then get in touch to schedule a free 20-minute intro session by phone. 

Dori Digenti E-RYT-200* CMT-P** MB-EAT*** is founder and owner of the nonprofit Breathing Space Yoga & Mindfulness Studio, located in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Dori is a certified yoga and meditation teacher, recovery coach, writer, and former community college instructor. Dori began to practice yoga at age 19, and shortly afterward became a meditator in the Buddhist tradition. Her yoga classes combine body awareness and creative flow sequences which promote mindfulness, balance, and joy. Dori offers yoga at Outpatient and Inpatient, Detox, Stabilization, Transitional, and Rehab centers; Community Recovery centers; and to incarcerated individuals in Western Massachusetts. Dori has an MS in Organization Development from American University, and a BA from Cornell University. * Experienced at 1000+ Hours Level – Registered Yoga Teacher
** Certified Mindfulness Teacher-Professional
*** Certified Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Trainer (MB-EAT)

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