Breathing Space is pleased to announce that we have offered our first free Online Recovery yoga class by Zoom for those at the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department Western Mass Recovery & Wellness Center in Springfield. This is a site where Dori, Johanna, and a teacher from another Studio, Marissa, have offered onsite yoga in the past.

For our class on Tuesday, we offered a chair yoga class to meet all levels of yoga experience. 

Everyone at this residential recovery facility is wearing masks for safety. This makes an interesting challenge in teaching yoga. Dori chose to lead slow movements with less focus on deep breathing than would be typical in a yoga class. 

We hope to continue offering our volunteer classes via Zoom for those in recovery centers and in jail. While all of us face some level of sheltering in place and dealing with the anxiety of the pandemic, those who are in these institutions are in much more stressful circumstances. They need as much support as we can offer to get through to the other side of the crisis.