fractal orange flower imageWhat is high-vibe?

My spouse and I were in the Berkshires for a quick getaway recently. We went with an open plan, and just followed our interests in the moment (a flat tire on July 4th curtailed the biking plan – oh well). What became abundantly clear is that after 9:00pm, and especially if your interest is live music and no concerts are scheduled, the only social venue is a bar (not intending to be negative about bars — just interested in having alternatives).

Enter the high-vibe gathering.

Have you heard this term, seen it in your newsfeeds, or wondered what it is? From the Urban Dictionary:

“A naturally high state. The state of joy one achieves when a person’s actions and beliefs are aligned and all the pieces of their life have integrity and love at it’s core. The state of bliss experienced when at full health as a result of being substance free.”

Many high-vibe gatherings are based on this approach  — that we can express health, integrity and love through how we live and celebrate — are pretty pumped up with trance music, light shows, essential oil bars, special cleanses, yoga, dance — very hippy-trippy — but others are simpler and support an atmosphere of fun, discovery, movement, music, healthful eating & drinking, and socializing.

What is being celebrated is healthful living in a context of social connection and the greater good. Be on the lookout for more of these gatherings, as we discover new ways of lifting each other up and connecting to health and an artful, positive lifestyle.

Join us for Live Music Yoga on Friday, August 18 – our first high-vibe event at Breathing Space!