Week 1 of the Mindful Eating journey (class begins May 2nd) involves introduction of some basic tools for developing mindfulness around nourishing ourselves. I completed the 28-day program in March, and journaled each day in the ERN app (there is community space for online journaling and information offered with the app). 

From Day 7: 

“I noticed that the mindfulness exercises have moved me away from some go-to foods. In particular, the tortilla chips, and also just trying to really think through what carbs I need to keep in my diet for “satisfaction“ and where I could start working in more high protein items and non-carb snacks.

I really think this program can be so beneficial for people, and reading through the community postings I see that this approach is really helping people. Again, it’s a challenge to move away from a diet mentality. My goal here – and the orientation of this program – is not weight loss necessarily. It is really about moving myself to foods that are nutrient dense and support the energy levels I need to do what I’m doing!

I was happy with the medical and science information about the role of sugar. I have long been convinced that the key factors in drinking alcohol are really about sugar. and I have watched myself for years slide in and out of sugar habits. My most recent go-to was the “trail mix“ with the peanuts and M&Ms. Did I mention the dried pineapple? Yes, it’s presented as a “healthy“ snack, but not really. But it goes straight to the brain and juices up the system via the fast track. Using the RAIN exercise, I did successfully ride past the Pride Station, where I know they sell that trail mix. It wasn’t easy, but it did pass!”