A further share of the daily journal I kept for the 28-Day Eat Right Now Mindful Eating program:

“Day 15: Super busy day – really too much. I had committed to a fourth yoga class months ago, but at that time it was only a third yoga class. So – note to self – when you are working on slowing down and transforming how you address food and nutrition, don’t overpack the schedule! Duh. Had to use an extra dose of loving kindness and understand that this is temporary.

A huge decision lately involved me giving up an area, well really just trimming it down, that I was very interested in developing. I realized that I would not get certified in that area in any reasonable amount of time. I was fighting the system and trying to exert my self-righteousness onto it, rather than quietly withdrawing and going in another direction. Also, the bar was too high to maintain the balance that I have in my life right now between nonprofit work and the part-time paid job I need to maintain for income. This was a GOOD realization and a relief. How often we overstress ourselves with ambition, and then freak out, and then run for the wrong foods for comfort. Noticing!!! Habit loop!!!

Getting into the rhythm of having prepared good food at hand – oatmeal, undressed coleslaw to grab and go; guacamole, baby carrots, eggs, cheese, sliced turkey. And then, making sure to have that hot meal (I am a real believer in hot food) when I can. Looking for that alignment of foods I actually like with foods that give a lot of nutrition and energy. That’s the ticket for sure.”