Yoga Class Fundraiser for The Ethnic Study

Please join in for a yoga class fundraiser on SUNDAY JULY 18 10:00AM – 11:15AM, led by Lorrie Heard, in support of The Ethnic Study (T.E.S.), a new collaborative workspace and cafe dedicated to anti-racism, education, and empowerment. The fundraiser will be offered in the Easthampton Studio, and by livestream. T.E.S. co-founders Simbrit Paskins and Stephany Marryshow will speak about their work and community-building at the start of the session. The yoga class will offer the opportunity to unwind and find grounding and peace. This class will feature gentle flow yoga sequences to allow the body to release and re-energize. (All-levels, Beginners welcome). 

Funds raised will directly support:

– Monthly “Community Yoga/ Wellness” programming at TES, free of cost/ reduced cost to local participants
– Stipends for Program/ Partnership Coordinator to increase TES capacity from at least July 25 to September 18, 2021. (* We intend to pay a living, part time wage to whomever is hired to assist us-$15/hr). $3000 will allow us to pay 1 person for 8 weeks; and/or plan at least 2 community yoga sessions where we can pay the yoga instructor.

The Ethnic Study Co-founders

Stephany Marryshow and Simbrit Paskins

Stephany Marryshow & Simbrit Paskins are the co-founders of the 413 Stay Woke, Stay Active Organization and Facebook group, a collective that is actively working together to end racism and save Black lives. Sim & Steph have recently opened “The Ethnic Study Cowork Cafe & Bookstore” in Springfield, MA as an extension of their activism, commitment to community care and their collective love of people (and coffee-lol).

About The Ethnic Study

The Ethnic Study is a collaborative workspace centered on anti racism, education and empowerment. Located in the heart of Downtown Springfield, MA we are community responsive and membership- based. Our mission is to elevate BIPOC voices, business opportunities, and leadership skills by practicing radical community care in all of our endeavors. The Ethnic Study is designed to center the lives and experiences of our BIPOC community. All, including White and non-Black allies, are welcome and invited to move through this space with intention and care.

About Yoga Teacher Lorrie Heard

Lorrie Heard prayer poseLorrie Heard is a certified yoga teacher, teaching at Breathing Space and other venues in the Valley. She offers a free weekly yoga class “Yoga By Us For Us” for the BIPOC community. “Yoga has been an important teacher in my life, it has taught me how to find confidence and gratitude in the strength of my body and breath. Yoga has also taught me how to find peace and balance, especially when faced with challenges in my career as a second grade teacher. It continues to teach me to honor my needs and value my own voice. After several years of exploring this practice for myself, I felt drawn to share it with others. In the summer 2019, I became a certified yoga teacher and wellness champion. My intentions as a yoga instructor are the same as those for my second grade classroom, to make learning and practice engaging, accessbile, and inclusive for every student.”

About Breathing Space

Yoga at Breathing Space is intended for every body.  Our Studio offers a positive. welcoming, and affirming space to explore the benefits of yoga for body and mind. We believe that what we discover and practice on the mat can translate into the world, in support of peace, justice, and anti-bias/antiracist work. As a nonprofit yoga studio, our mission is to provide free trauma-informed yoga classes for those in prison and addiction recovery centers in Western Mass. 

The practice of yoga nurtures the qualities of peace, strength, resiliency, and balance in our lives. While we focus on the physical practice of yoga, we are grounded in the 8-Limb path of yoga, which includes yogic values (restraints and observances), breath, poses, meditation, and compassionate awareness. We invite participants to look within, find their own yogic truths, and then take them off the mat. Through the balancing effect of yoga on the nervous system, the consistent practice of yoga can lead to a peaceful and positive approach to life. Breathing Space is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation.