What’s really hot in yoga? Think used, recycled, upcycled, pre-owned, new-to-you – it’s not just for cars anymore! 

People are paying premium prices on online services like Poshmark and ThredUp for labels like Athleta, GAPFit, Lululemon, and others. Sometimes, eye-popping prices (esp. for “New With Tags”)! Like, really, and are they??

When you can get yoga pants at Marshall’s for a fraction of that cost, what is actually going on here?

On the one hand, we can compare this trend to the designer handbag craze, a la Michael Kors or Coach, that is still going on to some extent. And guess what? There’s a huge second-hand market for designer bags too.

On the other hand, “used” clothes were considered taboo for many. It seemed better to buy a cheap pair of new yoga pants, than go for the well-made, label pants if they had to be used. What has changed?

Here’s the scoop:

At Breathing Space, we are offering used (and new) yoga and active clothing in our store for amazing prices ($5-$30). We are curating the best and most popular yoga/active brands, ensuring quality, and pre-selecting items to support your yoga and active life. We are looking to feature a full range of sizes. AND your purchases go 100% to support yoga in addiction recovery centers and prisons

Come check out this trend and see if it’s for you! Buy online or in the store, and then pick up at the Studio!  Here’s the store!