Breathing Space Yoga in Easthampton offers active and gentle flow, gentle yoga, and restorative yoga classes each week, along with special workshops, class series, and fundraisers.  The practice of yoga provides a way to release what is held in the body and mind, develop peace, experience joy, and live with purpose.  We believe that Ahimsa (non-harming) is the highest yogic value, expressed through our anti-bias/antiracist education, words, and actions. Our mission is to provide a positive and affirming space to practice yoga, and free trauma-informed yoga classes for those in prison and addiction recovery centers in Western Mass. 

yoga studio with people on mats for July 18 fundraiser at Breathing Space Yoga
Yoga Bu Us 4 Us
Queer Trans Yoga class

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People in jail and addiction recovery centers (AUG 2021)
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